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The Short Version:

Drew Myers is an enlivener and a story seeker. He gives others the opportunity to share their story - with the hopes that they also embrace their story.  Through his podcasts and speaking engagements, he showcases and celebrates individuals who have given themselves permission to live radically honest lives, pursue their dreams and live on purpose.


The Long Version:

When Drew Myers walked away from his last “real” job, he put a pen to paper and realized that he had the embarrassing distinction of having 11 jobs since graduating from college...11 years ago. That’s right ... he had 11 jobs in 11 years.


At first, he looked at this “accomplishment” as a monumental failure. He felt like a bona fide loser, and started asking self-defeating questions. The main one: “What the hell is wrong with me?!?!?!?”


Then, the smoke cleared and his confidence started to return. He kept his heart open for his next opportunity and/or adventure. Well, it found him.


After a lot of discussion and prayer, he decided to finally embrace the gift that God gave him and inspire others to look at life a little differently.  He started writing and speaking, which evolved into his podcast series, Defining Audacity. His three podcasts celebrate the amazing power of story.


As a speaker, Drew reiterates how important our stories are – the past, present and the future ... the good, the bad and the ugly. He reminds his audiences that life is short and inspires them to start making the important things important. 


Drew has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. He also has a master’s degree in Educational Administration. Probably his most impactful on-the-job training came as a college football coach and recruiting coordinator for a major Division I football program (Go Frogs!). His favorite title is “Dad,” and he lives in Rainbow, Texas, on the banks of the Brazos River. 

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