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The Short Version:

Drew is an enlivener who inspires others to live a bold, adventurous and intentional life.


The Long Version:

When Drew Myers walked away from his last “real” job, he put a pen to paper and realized that he had the embarrassing distinction of having 11 jobs since graduating from college...11 years ago. That’s right ... he had 11 jobs in 11 years.


At first, he looked at this “accomplishment” as a monumental failure. He felt like a bona fide loser, and started asking self-defeating questions. The main one: “What the hell is wrong with me?!?!?!?”


Then, the smoke cleared and his confidence started to return. He kept his heart open for his next opportunity and/or adventure. Well, it found him.


After a lot of discussion and prayer, he decided to finally embrace the gift that God gave him and inspire others to look at life a little differently.  He started writing and speaking, which evolved into his syndicated radio program, the Defining Audacity Radio Show. 


Drew is also a chronic list maker. He currently has a life list that consists of 55 things that he wants to accomplish over the next 555 days. He is using this list as a road map for his  #liveonpurpose initiative, which is designed around setting goals and going after them.


This powerful platform also revolves around helping others. It’s about living with a grateful heart and putting others in the spotlight. He loves sharing stories of helping other people cross things off their bucket lists, and inspiring them to “pay it forward” and help someone else.

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